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Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body, both before and after delivery. True Vitality KC offers prenatal and postpartum massage to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy so women in Kansas City, MO, can focus on the joys of motherhood.

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Q & A

What are the benefits of prenatal and postpartum massage?

A woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy and following delivery, changes that involve the muscles, joints, nerves, circulatory system and hormones. All these issues can cause an array of symptoms, including pain and tenderness, and the lack of sleep and increased physical and psychological demands that typically follow delivery can also take a toll. Massage helps relieve all of these issues by promoting circulation and relieving muscle strain and stress that can cause painful knots and reduced range of motion, especially in the back and legs. Plus, massage improves lymphatic drainage to help reduce swelling, and it can also help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness that plague many women during pregnancy. Finally, massage is well known for its relaxing properties. Having massage therapy routinely during and after pregnancy can help relieve stress and promote better sleep to help restore a woman’s overall health and wellness and help her adjust to her new responsibilities. Even before pregnancy, massage therapy can help by optimizing a woman’s health, even relieving chronic stress that can interfere with fertility.

What happens during a prenatal massage?

Prior to the massage, patients will be asked about any issues or symptoms they may be experiencing so their session can be focused on those issues. Special cushions and supports will be used to ensure the belly is well protected and the back and neck are properly supported. The therapist will select the best massage technique to relieve specific symptoms, like lower back pain, leg swelling, nausea or other symptoms. Aromatherapy may also be used to enhance the relaxing benefits.

How can massage therapy help me recover and improve my health following pregnancy?

Even if this isn’t your first child, the demands of being a new mother are never easy, especially when your body is tired from pregnancy and delivery and your hormones are still getting back to “normal.” Postpartum massage helps women relieve stress and the pain and stiffness they can cause, promoting circulation and releasing built-up fluids while also stimulating the production and release of “feel good” chemicals like serotonin to help banish any “baby blues.”

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