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Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of medical visits and missed days from work and school. At True Vitality KC, patients in and around Kansas City, MO, receive complete care for their lower back pain, including chiropractic care, massage therapy and other techniques based on their specific needs and symptoms.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

What causes lower back pain?

Lower back pain is a common problem among men and women and even among some children. The lower back bears a lot of weight during the day, and it also needs to be flexible. As a result, it’s subjected to a lot of strain and forces that can cause or contribute to painful symptoms. Some of the most common causes of lower back pain include:

  • repetitive use and overuse injuries
  • herniated or compressed discs
  • arthritis
  • spinal diseases or conditions like spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis or scoliosis
  • carrying heavy or unbalanced loads like heavy backpacks, briefcases or purses
  • poor posture or poor ergonomics at work, school or home
  • slip-and-fall accidents
  • sports injuries
  • car accidents and other traumatic injuries
  • standing or sitting for long periods of time
  • being obese
  • wearing ill-fitting shoes or high heels
  • pregnancy

Because so many issues can cause or contribute to painful symptoms, having a comprehensive, hands-on evaluation is critically important to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care.

How can the specialists at True Vitality KC help relieve my lower back pain?

Treatment for lower back pain begins with a hands-on analysis and physical evaluation including passive and active exercises to pinpoint the location of painful symptoms and identify the movements that trigger them. In some cases, diagnostic imaging tests may be ordered as well. Chiropractors are skilled in diagnosing and treating issues affecting the spine, which means they’re very qualified to treat lower back pain. Often, lower back pain can be treated with chiropractic adjustments to bring the spine back into alignment and relieve disc and nerve compression that can cause pain in the back as well as the buttocks and legs. Deep tissue massage can also help by stimulating circulation, relieving soft-tissue inflammation and promoting optimal healing. Therapeutic exercise and other techniques also may help, depending upon the specific underlying cause of pain.

What can I do to prevent lower back pain from occurring?

One of the best ways to prevent back pain is to have routine chiropractic adjustments to maintain proper spinal alignment so nerve compression, irritation, and inflammation can be avoided. Losing excess weight, being more physically active, using proper lifting technique and taking frequent breaks when sitting for long periods can also help.

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